Synchronize files and folders with one click using SyncFile Tool

Download SyncFile Tool 3.3 here

SyncFile Tool is a powerful tool, that allows you to quickly synchronize files on your hard drive.

  • True bi-directional and n-way file and folder synchronization.
  • No rely on the accuracy of the system clock or network connection quality. Prevents data loss.
  • Full report of differences between synchronization folders.
  • Any file system support ( FAT, NTFS, X-Drive, SAMBA, Netware, UDF, CDFS, etc. ).
  • Synchronizing more than two folders support.
  • Synchronize data between your desktop PCs and laptops over a network.
  • Flexible configuration and customization.
  • Supports files of any size.
  • Intuitive rich user interface
  • Easy to use: Tool has a friendly user-interface
  • Highly customizable features and user interface